DISCOVER Magazine Family Bundle (10)


£35.00 £12.99

DISCOVER, the magazine for curious Muslim kids is back in a big, beautiful bundle, exclusively for schools, madressahs and insitutions.

The DISCOVER Super Bundle consists of 120 assorted issues of the magazine, perfect for classrooms, libraries and gifts or prizes for students. Every magazine is in pristine condition and perfect for reading, colouring, cutting and project work. Worth over £400, this collection is a big, beautiful bargain at just £45 with free shipping to the UK. Please allow 10 to 14 working days for delivery.

Each monthly issue features stories, information, games, puzzles, art and science projects, experiments and crafts with an Islamic theme.

The magazine’s aim is to encourage a love of learning in our readers, about Islam and the wider world, as well as provide them with hours of enjoyment as they read, draw, colour, make, cook, plant, write, discover and share with other Muslim kids everywhere.