SISTERS April/May 2018 – grand finale offer



The April issue of SISTERS is our final printed issue and it’s our biggest, boldest and most beautiful issue yet! The GRAND FINALE OFFER is jam packed with goodness! Not only do you get a limited edition of our final printed issue, you also get 2 extra SISTERS magazines and enjoy 50% off Ali Huda TV, a 20 minute consultation with AOG Consultancy and an invitation to our exclusive SISTERS Ramadhan webinar series. All for just £12.99!

This final issue is a true celebration of sisterhood in all its forms and features the following articles:

  • How to establish an Islamic home
  • How to trust again when you’ve been betrayed
  • Giving comfort like Khadijah (radhiyAllahu anha)
  • Being inspired by Ayyub’s wife
  • Is there a cult of husband worship in our community?
  • Talking polygny: honestly!
  • When co-parents are at war
  • Precious memories of Makkah, Madinah and Al Quds
  • Plus dream bedroom makeovers, comfort food recipes, how to cut sugar and the joy of rediscovering exercise!

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Weight 500 g